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    Sam Wilkin

      After a lifetime of eating cheese, seven years as an actor dreaming of cheese and three years sourcing, maturing and selling cheese for one of the UK's, Buchanans Cheesemonger, leading Cheesemongers I finally founded Cellarman in 2017.

     I love the wonderfully diverse world of food, the people who pour all their care and craft into making a few raw ingredients into something extraordinary.  

     I'm most passionate about finding the perfect match between two products. When the whole mouthful is even more delicious than the sum of its parts, then that's a kind of magic.

     I want to share that magic with you.  

    Let's get together

    Cheese is at the heart of everything at Cellarman.  

    We run great events - whether its our delicious cheese matching drinks collaborations, our cheese supper clubs or Cheese tours at Cheese Street. We can even create something for that cheese lover in your life who has everything.

    Do you run a restaurant? We can help your business make the most of that most mercurial part of your offer - the cheeseboard.

    Are you looking for help with staff training on your deli counter, how do you sell cheese?

    If your question includes the word "cheese" then the answer is Cellarman!


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